215 Fun Charades Ideas for Kids & Adults in 2022

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When I taught English in another country, I worked hard to connect with my students and expand their vocabulary. When I got tired of chalkboard hangman, I would use charades. It was always a crowd pleaser that all students participated in. It was an easy way to test vocabulary. Playing charades has several benefits. It’s … Read more

9 Ways to Use Reverse Psychology in Your Relationship

how to use reverse psychology | how to use reverse psychology on a man | how to use reverse psychology on a narcissist

In today’s day and age where everything can be Googled, it seems many people have forgotten the power of words. In particular, not everyone knows how to use words to control situations and get what they want. Some may think that being straightforward is the only way or that it’s just not worth it if … Read more

25 Examples of Validating Statements to Show Empathy

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“Empathy is seeing with the eyes of another, listening with the ears of another, and feeling with the heart of another.” I believe this quote by Alfred Adler perfectly represents what empathy should look like. In other words, to empathize means to put aside your views, opinions, and impressions so that you can create enough … Read more

What is a Platonic Relationship? (and How to Make it Work)

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Friendship with a member of the opposite sex can be something great to have. In fact, psychologists call it the “jackpot of friendship.” There’s the freedom to discover things about another male or female, without the obligations of a romantic relationship. With that said, you’re either in a platonic relationship or you’re not. There’s no … Read more

50 Affirmations for Codependents to Help with Recovery

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Being codependent is a struggle most of the time. Not being in control of your own life and emotions can be draining. It can lead to not putting yourself first and avoiding physical or emotional intimacy. Patterns are one of the first things you can change on your recovering journey. You can help yourself and … Read more

35 Affirmations for Letting Go of the Past and Moving Forward

affirmations for letting go | affirmations for letting go of a relationship | affirmations for letting go and trusting the universe

Holding on to the past can be tough, especially when many memories are bad. Unfortunately, we all get stuck in the past sometimes, not letting go and moving forward. But with the world moving ever-forward, we must do the same. Sometimes we need a few kind words and affirmations to help us speed up that … Read more

54 Positive Affirmations for Your Husband

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Words are powerful. You can build up or tear down someone very special to you with one sentence. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to figure out how to encourage someone, especially your life partner. While trying to search through the internet for “affirmations for husband” may not lead you to what you are looking … Read more

4 Types of Forgiveness and When to Apply Each

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When someone has caused us pain, it is only natural to harbor resentment against the individual. However, holding a grudge keeps negative emotions locked away. The bitterness leaves you with stress, depression, and loss of hope in people. You should not and cannot allow any such individual to hold this kind of power over you. … Read more

75 Good Compliments for Women [NOT on Her Looks]

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If you would like to give a woman a compliment, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If the first thing you think about is her looks, that is because this has become a force of habit. While there is nothing wrong with telling a woman that she looks beautiful, you do want … Read more

101 Toxic People Quotes to Stay Away from Negativity

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Are you with someone who seems to be the cause of the negative energy in your life? Does this person always drag you down and meddle with your dreams and goals? If so, then you are probably dealing with someone who is toxic—someone who’s been draining the life out of you. There are people out … Read more