35 Rainy Date Ideas (Besides Watching a Movie)

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You and your significant other are supposed to have a walk in the park, but it ends up raining. What do you do?

Your love calls and asks if you can have lunch outside, but storm clouds are gathering. Is there another alternative? What can you do on a rainy day date?

If you are looking for the best rainy day date ideas, you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve got you covered.

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In this article, we list 35 ways to spend quality time with your partner, even if it’s raining heavily outside. There’s no need to be disappointed—there are a lot of things you can do in the comfort of your home.

Let’s get started!

Chill & Romantic Rainy Date Ideas

1. Bubble Bath for Two

This is probably one of the most romantic things to do indoors on a rainy day. But don’t fill the tub with water

Light some scented candles and set them all over the bathroom floor and shelves (just make sure they’re far from things that might cause a fire!). Pour some essential oils into your bubble bath, and prepare some wine that you can drink while spending precious moments together.

2. Massage Home Service

You don’t have to call a massage therapist for this one—you can do it all on your own. Give your partner a message after that long bubble bath. What better way to enjoy a rainy day than with a nice, relaxing massage?

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Giving your partner a massage after that long bubble bath will help her relax more on a rainy day.

3. Indoor Picnic

Can’t go picnic outside because of the heavy rains? No worries. Set up your picnic date in the living room, in your bedroom, on the terrace (should be under a roof, of course), or anywhere in your house.

4. Reading Session

You can do this in two ways. First, you could pick a book that you both would like to read, and then go through the story together. Or, you may pick two books (one for you, one for your partner), and simply enjoy the company of each other while reading (and snuggling).

5. Coffee Table for Two

If you are too tired to go outside and visit a coffee shop, or if the rain is coming down too hard and you can’t go coffee shop hopping, you can always set up your own mini coffee table at home. It’s best to put it near the window where you can see the rain pouring down, which will definitely give it the coffee shop feeling.

6. Plant Together

Do you and your partner have green thumbs? If so, this can be a wonderful date idea when staying indoors. Just make sure you have something to plant into those indoor pots.

7. Play 36 Questions

An article by Daniel Jones published in The New York Times lists down 36 questions that could better improve intimacy between partners (and even strangers). The idea is to make yourself vulnerable to your partner, and have him or her do the same with you. Vulnerability is what nurtures the closeness between you.

On a rainy day, you can try answering these 36 questions with your partner. Here’s a possible way to facilitate the activity.

8. Stay in Bed

A rainy day might just call for an entire lazy day spent in bed, with unlimited snuggles. I you’re too tired to get up and do something, you might as well cuddle with your favorite person in the world all day long.

Fun & Entertaining Rainy Day Date Ideas

9. Cards or Board Games

If you can’t play outside, then play inside—any card or board game will do. Go get that old Monopoly or Scrabble that’s been sitting in your cabinet for years, prepare some delicious snacks and drinks, and you’re all set and ready to enjoy.

[Check out this article that showcases the 15 of the best board games for couples]

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Enjoy playing board games inside your home.

10. Wii or Playstation

Video games are for everyone, so invite your girlfriend (or wife) to play Wii or Playstation with you. Make a bet and challenge her to beat you. If you win, you get tons of kisses. If she wins, you have to cook dinner for the entire week.

11. Karaoke

You have two options here: go to the nearest (or your favorite) karaoke bar or set up a DIY karaoke in the comfort of your home. If you do it at home, you can even dress up as a pop or rock star, depending on your mood and the songs you wish to sing!

12. Drinking Games

If you and your partner are beer lovers, you surely know about the different drinking games. Kings Cup, Never Have I Ever, and Straight Face are just a few. While warming up your bodies with a drink on a rainy day, make it fun with drinking games!

13. Pillow Fights

Who doesn’t love a pillow fight? Let the child inside of you out and enjoy some fun time with your favorite person in the world!

14. Check Old Photos

A rainy day date can be a time for some nostalgia. Flip through the pages of your high school yearbooks and laugh at what your teenage self said about what he or she wanted in the future. Or giggle at that haircut you still regret from when you were punk rock wannabe.

If your yearbook isn’t enough, go over the old pictures compiled by Mom in a scrapbook. Nothing is funnier than family photos showing how you dressed up for Christmas when you were still 12.

15. Have a Rainy Day Photoshoot

Once you’re done going down memory lane for your rainy day date, you may feel like you want to create new ones.

If so, you and your partner might want to have a photoshoot. You can play the model and photographer, or you can both take pictures of the beautiful rain outside. You don’t need a studio or a professional camera—your smartphones can do the trick.

This date idea can be even more exciting if you pair it with fashion designing. Find whatever’s in your wardrobe and release the inner stylist in you.

16. Scavenger Hunt

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt. First, you and your partner can spend the entire morning setting up the hunt, writing clues and missions that lead to various locations, and creating traps and tricks. Then, in the afternoon, you can both do your scavenger hunts and search for the treasures that each other have hidden.

To make this activity more exciting, you and your partner can make a bet on who will finish first.

17. Arts and Crafts

If you like arts and crafts, one good way to spend the day during the rainy season is to get dirty. Take out all those pastels, stickers, and paints you haven’t used for a long time and start creating some art.

what can I do with my friend on a rainy day at home | date night ideas indoors | indoor date night ideas
If you like arts and crafts, one good way to spend the day during the rainy season is to get dirty.

18. Music

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a real thing. When the weather is gloomy we naturally get depressed. Its just human nature.

One way to counteract that is through music. Music has been shown to positively affect mood.

If you and your partner play instruments, a rainy day is an awesome time to jam. You can even compose a song together if you’re inspired.

Alternatively, you can simply take turns playing your favorite songs and singing and dancing around your apartment or home as a fun rainy day date idea.

19. Wine and Paint Night

A pretty popular date night idea is the wine and paint night. But there is no need to actually attend an official wine and paint night event. Recreate the activity in your home and enjoy the thunder outside while you paint and drink with your partner.

20. Dance

Create a hip-hop dance routine with your partner. It doesn’t matter if you’re not dancers—it’s the thought that counts! Or, if you’d like, find some YouTube videos and follow the steps.

21. Skill Learning

You can either teach your partner a skill you know that he or she is dying to learn, or you can learn an entirely new skill together. There are so many resources, including tons of instructional videos on YouTube.

22. TED Talks

TED Talks are really inspiring and motivating. So if you’re tired of movies and TV shows, watch TED Talks instead. Then, discuss with your partner what you have learned. Who knows? Both of you might come up with an idea that could be the next big thing!

23. Funny Videos

If you’re up for some laughter, you can watch funny videos instead. Did you know that watching funny videos brings a lot of benefits? It can literally make you healthier and happier—physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Alternatively, you can expand your mind, laugh a bit and learn something by listening to some funny podcasts.

24. Travel Planning

Is your partner your travel buddy as well? A rainy day can be the perfect time to plan your next trip. Think of this like having a travel meeting, but with tons of cuddling and yummy food.

25. Declutter

You might be wondering why decluttering is on a date list, but, believe it or not, there are a lot of couples who agree that this is the best way to spend the day doing something productive with each other. A rainy day is the perfect time to do it because there’s nothing to do outside!

Rainy Date Ideas for Foodies

26. Pizza and Beer

Pizza is comfort food, and beer is its perfect mate. Call for delivery or create your own pizza, and buy some beer at the local convenience store (or maybe just grab a few from your fridge).

27. Cooking Lessons

If you and your partner are good cooks, creating a meal together is one of the most romantic hobbies that you can enjoy as a couple. But if one of you doesn’t know how to cook, then a rainy day is the perfect time to teach them!

things to do on a rainy day at home | rainy day activities for adults all time | things to do on a rainy night with your boyfriend
Creating a meal together is one of the most romantic hobbies that you can enjoy as a couple.

If both of you do not know how to cook, there are always video tutorials on YouTube. Take this opportunity to bond and learn a new skill together.

28. Bake Pastries

Do you like sweets and pastries? Baking is an alternative to cooking. Many couples enjoy baking together as much as they enjoy cooking.

Rainy Date Ideas Outside (But Still Indoors)

29. Art Gallery & Museum

This is a perfect indoor activity for couples who are into arts and paintings. You have probably seen how romantic movies can get when the characters are visiting an art gallery. Why not do so yourself!

30. Coffee Shop

You can try the newest café in town and check if it is worth including on your list of go-to places. Or, if you want, you can do a coffee shop hop and find new ones that serve the best coffees.

31. Arcade

Arcades are fun and exciting! They give you a nostalgic feeling, taking you back to those childhood years when life was simpler and carefree. You might even get your partner talking about things you didn’t know about from their childhood.

When you visit an arcade, try winning a prize for your partner. And if you don’t get lucky, that’s okay too. A good laugh at how bad you both performed can save the day!

32. Billiard Hall

Now, this is an arcade for grown-ups. What’s rather wonderful about these sports bars is that they often offer other traditional games as well, like Ping-Pong and darts. If you are lucky enough, they might even have acoustic bands playing live.

33. Bowling Alley

Bowling is a perfect first date idea. The game can serve as an icebreaker during dull times and awkward conversations.

34. Booze Shops

Oh, for the love of beer! Check out the local booze shops in your area. This could include a brewery, distillery, or winery. Lucky you if they have free tastings for the day.

35. Animal Shelter

This is a great date idea for couples who love taking care of animals. You can go to an animal shelter and volunteer together. Spend the day giving some love with the person you love.


A rainy day can be a perfect day to have a date. Don’t get annoyed if it suddenly pours—you can always think of something to do if you keep this list handy.

We hope that the rainy day date ideas we shared above will help you deepen the connection between you and your partner. But bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be raining for you to do these things. You can always do them, no matter what the weather may be doing!

Finally, one proven way to improve your happiness and life satisfaction is to focus on goals that truly matter. To get started, check out this FREE printable worksheet and a step-by-step process that will help you set effective SMART goals.

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